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Core Classes in Grande Prairie, Alberta

If you are looking to strengthen your core and enhance your quality of life, contact Next Level Health And Fitness Center today. Our facilities, staff members, and personal trainers will truly take your health and fitness to the next level. Call us at (780) 897-2102 or visit our fitness center today.

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Getting to the Heart of Core Training

In the past, fitness trainers might have told you that all you needed to do to strengthen your midsection was a few sit-ups and that’s that. Over the last decade, though, people have realized the necessity of a strong and healthy core. A strong core is the key to a strong back, and it will also give you the strength you need for any demanding workout or athletic task.

However, no two exercises produce the same results. Some core-strengthening exercises can even do more harm than good in the long run. Other deceptively simple and obvious exercises are sometimes the ones that benefit your body the most. But how is any untrained individual supposed to figure out which exercises are right for their goals and overall health?

That’s where we come in. On the journey of self-improvement, it can sometimes be hard to know which path to take. Let us be your guides. Let us show you all how you can safely tone your body, increase your strength, and improve your day-to-day lives. Call us today to learn more!

The Core Workout Classes You’ve Been Waiting For

At Next Level Health And Fitness Center, we don’t just give you instructions on how to properly plank or use an exercise ball without sliding across the gym. Our instructors and personal trainers work alongside you every step of the way to ensure you get the most out of your workout routine. If you’re having difficulties with specific workouts, we will re-calibrate your regimen and take a different approach. If you feel like you have plateaued, we will help you set new goals and construct new challenges.

The Exercise Classes and Workouts Everyone Can Master

The best workouts and exercises are ones that most closely resemble the physical acts you might encounter while playing athletic sports or in your day-to-day life. People might think those complicated routines and other fads are the secrets to a strong core, but research says otherwise.

Some of the most effective and energizing core workouts include:

  • Planking
  • The Dead Bug
  • Beginner Core Workout
  • Ball Push-Away
  • Hanging Knee Raise
  • Dumbbell Plank Drag
  • …and more

Personal Training and Group Fitness Classes for Affordable Prices

Since day one, our goal has been to make sure our services are accessible to everyone. No person should be denied a chance at self-improvement. That’s why we keep our rates low. For as low as $20.00 per hour, you can partake in one of our group fitness sessions.

Our Fitness Classes Come with a Free Consultation

Before you even enter one of our classes, we recommend a thorough consultation with one of our on-site trainers. During the consultation process, we’ll be able to work with you to create a fitness plan that best suits your needs.

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